Well hello there! 
We're Paul & Evie, the founders of Zipster. 

Being around countless parents we heard the same three pains over and over:

1. "Baby clothing is so boring, my baby has personality and I want this to be reflected!" 

2. "Poppers are such a faff, especially during late night nappy changes."

3. "I get through so much clothing, this can't be good for the environment." 
We at Zipster went on a (long!) journey to develop the perfect onesie, and we think we've done it! But of course we don't expect you to just take our word for it, read what some of our happy customers said here!

About the brand

For the change-seekers, revolution-leaders and tradition-breakers, Zipster is for you. And if you see yourself as a fashion trailblazer? We’re a match made in bamboo heaven.
Our children: the future of our planet, our pride and joy, and our greatest opportunity.

An opportunity to change the world if we commit ourselves to making an impact from the ground, up.

Meet the sustainable luxury baby brand, with a sprinkle of playful fun. Born in Amsterdam, the hub of the forward-thinking, we are the future of sustainable children’s wear.

Now, it’s no secret that we’re bamboo fanatics. Soft, gentle, and toxin-free, it’s everything our children deserve. From the moment your tot first casts a toothless grin to those episodes of infectious laughter, we believe every moment should be cherished. So, why settle for anything less than perfection? Our pieces are the result of a unique blend of sustainability, comfort and convenience.

With each piece carefully curated with 95% bamboo, we create clothes that will make a difference to our planet. No toxic pesticides or water-glugging manufacturing methods, just oxygen-producing practices that will keep our air fresh and water clean.

Invoking visions of hula skirt-wearing toddlers, we understand that the concept of bamboo clothing is new to many. To us, it’s the future. We believe that cute and sustainable clothes can go hand-in-hand, creating a brighter future for generations to come.

Not only is bamboo the secret to undeniably soft clothes (you’re welcome, sleep-deprived parents!), but it’s ideal for those inevitable spills and dribbles. Moisture-managing and thermoregulatory, we truly believe in the power of bamboo.

And it doesn’t stop there! Zipster creations have a two-way zip, meaning you can change your little one 30% quicker than with poppers. Playful and fun, with 9 unique and colourful designs, we are changing the game, one babygrow at a time.

At our core, we don’t want to be yet another brand to take (and take. And take some more!). We want to give back, creating a greener, more sustainable world for our children to grow up in. This is why every Zipster product that is returned to us gets donated to children's charities. No landfill-filling, toxin-distributing methods. Just a brand on a mission.

We are on a quest to signal the end of fast fashion. Are you ready to join us?